Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Doodles of Death!


It's a Cthulhu Skull. A Skcthulhull.
So I'm on vacation spending a few weeks in the sun with the family, which means I'm not doing too much game related stuff, and not getting the write up of last session done. Of course I did bring a couple of geeky items along (or risk geek withdrawal - not pretty). One of those things is my DM notebook for our DCC game. It's a medium sized tan coloured moleskin and I penciled in a stylized
skull (what else for a DCC notebook?) on the cover when I first got it. I had the chance to ink it in this afternoon and thought I'd share it, along with the map of the campaign area and some notes from a session inside.

So how do you keep your game notes?

The Gang sailed a starless sea in Lemsby, were hounded in Hirot, and met some people in a pit in Lusates.

My scribbly writing. The "loot" section represents all the worldly goods of the Band acquired from the first thee GG Modules. Which was taken by the People of the Pit. Bastards.

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